Intuitive Tea Leaf Reading

Intuitive Tea Leaf Reading

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This intuitive reading is done entirely with loose leaf teas. 

"After a cup of tea has been poured, without using a tea strainer, the tea is drunk or poured away. The cup should then be shaken well and any remaining liquid drained off in the saucer. The diviner now looks at the pattern of tea leaves in the cup.."

All readings are done via email. ( Once your payment has successfully gone through, please shoot a message with any questions you might have.

What is needed: Name(s) & DOB(s) to assist in connecting to you and anyone else that is involved. If for some reason, you don't feel comfortable disclosing that information, that is totally ok! You will receive text as well as a picture of the reading when it is completed. 

Disclaimer: All Crystal Eyes card readings are for entertainment purposes. I am not a licensed medical or legal professional and do not claim to be one. I reserve the right to refuse to read on any matter at any time.