Usui Reiki Master Attunement + Teacher Course

Usui Reiki Master Attunement + Teacher Course

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 Reiki is a Japanese technique that restores the optimal flow of energy within our system by dissolving any blockages and promotes healing, relaxation, and stress reduction. Anyone can learn Reiki, whether it’s being used for personal healing or for healing others. Students that have received attunements reported to have increased intuition, a greater sense of self-love, peace, and compassion for all living things.

“Reiki is intelligent energy; it automatically goes to where it is needed. The only thing required is that you always have the intention of allowing healing to happen. You do not control what comes, you only surrender to what Reiki already knows how to do." - Raven Keyes

“One of the greatest joys of Reiki Mastership is teaching Reiki to others. Imagine the thrill of witnessing the members of your Reiki class receiving Reiki energy during the attunement. Then, as you guide them in its use, sharing in their joy and amazement as they experience it's gentle power flowing though them for the first time. As your students use Reiki to help family, friends and clients, a wonderful sense of spiritual connection will develop between all of you." - William Lee Rand

Your Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Training includes:

o Reiki Master-Teacher Attunement and Certification
o Reiki Master's Manual
o Learning about the 3 final Reiki Symbols and Mantras
o Learning how to use Violet breath, Reiki grids, and advanced meditations.
o Practicing teaching Reiki classes
o Learning how to give healing attunements 

Please wear comfortable clothing! Bring water, a notebook, and pen to take notes. Feel free to bring any crystals, or items that are sacred to you, to charge during the attunement and add to the Gratitude grid. In preparation for your attunement, please refrain from consuming alcohol and recreational substances for at least 24 hours prior. So excited to be a part of your Reiki journey and cant wait to meet you!

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